Outdoor Blinds Northern Beaches

External Blinds – Motorised – located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
On occupation of their new commercial headquarters the client encountered unforeseen glare and solar heat gain issues in their foyer. The solution was a series of “HM 130 00 SSC” External Motorised Blinds with double lead weighted base bars and marine grade 316 stainless steel guide wires. The Outdoor Blinds were housed in a custom made Stainless Steel pelmet specifically created to blend in with the Architects original design. Due the large size of the blinds (8 metre drops) Wind sensors have been incorporated to ensure the blinds will retract when the wind speed becomes too high. Following this installation the ambient temperature was able to be maintained at an acceptable rate with reduced strain on the buildings air-conditioning system. Overall a successful solution with the entry of natural light into the large glazed areas able to be controlled by the touch of a button.