Canberra External Blinds and Venetians

Helioscreen external blinds were chosen for the versatility and  sleek design to match to the current colour bond facade seamlessly. These blinds reduce the sun’s penetration by up to 90% in the summer reducing air conditioning costs and also maximise the sun in the winter with the ability to stack completely away allowing maximum interior daylight. They were the perfect choice for the residence and location as they are unaffected by extreme temperature changes as can be experienced in Canberra,. With the ability for 160 degree rotation the occupant can  control the  solar glare to reduce eye irritation and improve internal conditions also   optimising the  shading with different sun angles.  The choice of control was remote operation giving great flexibility for the range of tilt angle of the blinds paired with a wind sensor for peace of mind in adverse weather conditions. A truly elegant and practical finish.

System : V-80 C SLAT
Colour : Silver
System Size
: 1700MM W BY 3660 DROP
: 2650 MM W BY 2790 DROP
Control : RTS Remote
Cable guided with extra long cable
Project management by Chadwick Designs.