Top 3 Tips For Blinds, Awnings And Screens For Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, as building owners are well aware, come with a range of issues in terms of light management and external design situations. In most cases, a combination of internal and external features like roller blinds and sunroofs or retractable awnings is used as a basic layout, providing the design features as well as the functional effects.

Tip #1: What you need and where you need it – Planning

Design is all about planning and dealing with practical requirements, simultaneously. The most common uses for blinds, sunroofs and awnings are all related to specific lighting and environmental issues. Designers study the entire layout, and then formulate the combination of types of screen into a single design.

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Green screens — Eco friendly roller blinds

Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are a huge emerging market and the screens and blinds industry is well ahead of the trends. “Sustainable” isn’t really a buzzword, it’s an economic concept for industries, and the product life cycle studies inherent in sustainable product manufacturing have been producing benefits for businesses and consumers alike. Roller blinds, for example, are a case in point. These large blinds use up a lot of material, and better production through use of sustainable practices has paid off very well for the market.

Green in more ways than one

Eco friendly capabilities for blinds extend well beyond the fabrics themselves. Even synthetics are now being developed specifically to help energy management and cut pollution by reducing the demand on power for air conditioning and heating. Energy efficient blinds can save up to 40% on power usage.
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The creative screens approach — Colour and textures

Screens, whether they’re interior or exterior, are always a good excuse for some presentation and personal style. Modern screens are typically a matter of strong preference, using colour and placement. Roller blinds and awnings are major visual features, and naturally people prefer to exercise some personal taste in their selection.

If you’re looking for something to match your own tastes, the good news is that the designers of screens and blinds have got the message. There’s a huge range of selections and all in the latest models and types of blinds.

The creative screens concept for homeowners

Everyone’s home is different. The lighting requirements, the facing of the home, and the personal tastes of the owners all work together to develop the screens ideas.
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