Commercial 5-Star Green Star rated building

Commercial 5-Star Green Star rated building receives automated coverage with Helioscreen blinds
Eight level commercial office building totaling 14,983 m2.
Builder:  Lipman
Architect: Fitzpatrick + partners
Systems: Helioscreen HM 65 95 external screens, with marine grade stainless steel guide wires. Compact 95x95mm aluminum Headboxes with custom Dulux red powder coating. The installation on this project was managed so that every blind on this project was installed without drilling a single hole in the steel on site.
Fabric: Helio external sunscreen
Automated system with motors controlled by premium facade management system.
Sensors and a sophisticated control system automatically lower the blinds whilst the screens are protected by a series of wind sensor that retracts them on windy days to prevent damage.

Qty: Approx 200