Commercial retractable Roof Systems Victoria

DEPI’s Centre in Attwood Victoria gave Helioscreen the chance to use colour on the All Seasons Retractable Roof System.

Carrying on with the yellow colour scheme that can be seen throughout the building’s interior, we used a bright yellow fabric from the LAC 650 range which is waterproof, flame retardant, and can block out up to 74% of the sun’s UV.

The All Seasons Retractable Roof System provides them with rain protection as well as shade when required.

Both systems were sized 6.5m x 7.6m, and were installed end-to-end with the fabric retracting outwards from the centre, providing a pop of colour in the bush surrounds for the staff outdoor area.

They can choose to open each individually if they want, depending on where shading is needed. Operation is easy with Somfy motor and remote control.

Helioscreen offers a 5 year warranty.