External Blinds / Venetians Tasmania

Helioscreen External Venetian Blinds have been installed at the Northern Dental Centre in Launceston, Tasmania.

These HV80S systems allow full light control throughout the day and can be retracted at night or when not required.

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments, the slats let in natural light and sunlight through whilst minimising uncomfortable hothouse effects and eliminating blinding glare.

Featuring a range of stylish 60/70/80mm curved and flat slats with baked enamel finish offering options such as rolled edges to provide extra stability/anti vibration, these venetians suit any external façade and come in a range of modern designer colours.

They can  be controlled by switch, hand held remote control or automated building management systems.

Unaffected by extreme temperature changes, the Helioscreen External Venetians reduce the sun’s penetration by up to 90%