External Screen Blinds with Sun Shading Frabric

This particular home was suffering from the harsh heat and sun glare from the rear decking streaming into the house. The ideal option for the owners  was to cool the outdoor area without compromising on the great view from the back deck.

This is where Helioscreens 80-00 external screens with the newly relesed Serg fabric ticked all the boxes.

The HM80-00 sytem from Helioscreen is an exposed external screen using only  the best stainless components for the harsh conditions.

The reason that the Serge  fabric was chosen was due to its robust nature using a fiberglass core pvc coated fiber to withstand the elements. With its triple weave produccing a 3% open fabric that  results is a fabric that protects but still gave the home owner the ablity to see through.

As with all sytems from Helioscreen the homeowner had the chioce of custom powdercoat which is a standard option from a wide range of colours from the dulux powdercoating range.

The home owner chose to have motorised blinds for ease of use and optimum control. With now options form somfy this can be from anywhere not just at the home.

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