Outdoor Blinds / External Blinds & External Screens

Helioscreen offers a wide range of external sun control systems to complement every external façade. Our Outdoor Blinds / External Blinds and External Screens are designed to take the toughest of treatments by reducing the sun’s penetration and absorbing the heat. Designed to control the entry of natural light, heat and sun radiation from the outside, Outdoor Blinds and External Screens allow you to extend outdoor living areas while maximising the advantages of glass and view from the inside. Unaffected by extreme temperature changes, Outdoor Blinds and External Screens operate using discreet stainless steel side cables or sleek aluminium side channels, powder coated to suit any exterior. Helioscreen’s external fabrics, Helio86, Helio92, and X-Screen come in a wide range of colourways and are anti-static for easy cleaning. External screens can be manually operated or motorised by Somfy and come with quality and performance warranties.



  • Reduces suns heat by up to 90%
  • Reduces air conditioning costs
  • Crank or motorised operations
  • Sun and wind sensor options
  • Stainless steel guide cables or side aluminium channels
  • Headboxes to suit architecture
  • Powder coat colours to suit
  • Over 30 fabric colours available




As with many of our products we have a range of Outdoor Blinds, External Blinds and External Screens to suit various needs. Below is a rough guide on how to best select a system for your individual needs. We recommend consulting with a Helioscreen Specialist before deciding on which system best suits your needs. Click on a Product Name to learn more.

Motorised Blinds

External Roller BlindsMax WidthApplication LinkableHeadboxMotor WarrantyWarranty
HC 65 953.2mCrank Operated External Roller Blind - Medium BlindsYesYes5 Years
HM 65 953.2mMotorised External Roller Blind - Medium Blinds Yes-Straight OnlyYesYes5 Years
HM 80 1104.4mMotorised External Roller Blind - Larger Blinds Yes-Straight OnlyYesYes5 Years
HM 80 00 4.4mMotorised External Roller blind, LinkableNoYes5 Years
HM 130 00 5.4mMotorised External Roller blind NoYes5 Years



FabricFabric WidthCut on CrossWeldableApplicationWarrantyCutting MethodSide Hem
Helio 862.67mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush CutNo
Helio 922.67mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush CutNo
Serge3.2mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush CutNo
Helioshade 1001.2m panelsNoYesExternal5 YearsCrush CutYes


Click to view the External Blinds Brochure


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