External Sun Screen Blinds in WA

The Perth beachside suburb of Cottesloe is the ideal setting for this Hello World travel outlet. But with the shop front being exposed to strong direct sunlight the ideal solution was sourced from the Helioscreen range of external blinds and screens.

The HMX130 ZIP systems perform well in the strong coastal winds and help protect against the harsh Western Aussie Sun. Colour coded to match the exterior colour scheme the blinds blend in seamlessly with the Western facing façade of the building. As with all Helioscreen products, getting the right colour is not a problem with the large range of Dulux powder coat colours available.

The openness of the outdoor fabric allows for the occupants to continue enjoying their view whilst keeping the sun’s energy from transmitting through to the glass and into the building. With the unique standoff brackets available with this system the blinds were able to clear the obstacles that presented a problem.

The occupants have noticed a considerable difference to the internal environment of the building after having the HMX systems in place, with a noticeable reduction in heat gain, and glare.