External Venetian Blinds on Sydney’s North Shore

This project on the North Shore of Sydney required external shading for the front facade to comply with their BASIX (building sustainability index) certificate. Not only did they desire a high performing product but also wanted to blend in with the aesthetic of the project, as there were already louvers incorporated into the design, the architects wanted to continue this style for the window coverings. This is where the Helioscreen HV-80 retractable Venetian blinds were the perfect choice. Giving the owners a 160 degree tilt range with the HV-80 C Slat.

There is a large range of colour choice for this product. The architects and owners settled on Dark Grey baked enamel finish, and matched the head box with the equivalent from the Dulux range of colours. This allowed the owner to blend the system easily into the colour scheme of the current structure. 

The overall functionality and colour options made this product the perfect choice for all parties. A stunning facade for this contemporary build.