External Zip Screen Blinds Canberra

This recently constructed covered rear patio was designed to create an alfresco entertaining area.

The homeowners required a functional but discreet product that will work to the parameters of this open space. The main request when designing this area was to have a system that can be recessed into the roof and be completely tucked away from site when not in use.

The product that was chosen was the Helioscreen HMX100/R ZIP. This outdoor screen system allows you to completely recces the blind into any substrate giving a seamless aesthetic to any project.

Colour was also a big concern for the residence but with the ability to have any Dulux powder coat colours as a standard option this was not a problem.

The fabric also played a big part of the final decision on using the Helioscreen HMX/R ZIP. The fabric that was chosen was the Helioscreen Serge fabric. This is a triple woven Fiberglas core pvc coted item with 3% openness giving the strength, stability that the zip system requires and the protection from the harsh summer sun in Canberra.