Folding Arm Awning

Folding arm awnings are a fantastic way to create shade over outdoor areas such as patios, decks and even swimming pools! Helioscreen offers a range of awning solutions that can span expanses up to 8 metres in width.

This client is located on the Northern beaches of Sydney wanted to use their external space much more than they have been as well as reduce the heat load on the windows during summer.

They also wanted a product that was discreet and unobtrusive. The product they settled on was the cassette awning from Helioscreen. With its full aluminium cassette, the fabric retracts into a protective housing when the awning is not in use. The cassette is streamlined and can be powder coated to any colour in the Dulux powder coat range allowing it to match the colour of their home elegantly.

The choice of fabric colour options to the homeowner is extensive and they decided to go for neutral tones to blend with the surrounding structure rather than creating a contrast.

The choice of this awning along with the colour options delivered the ideal aesthetic for the requirements of the project.

Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning