Folding Arm Awnings Brisbane Qld

With panoramic views that stretch out to capture the city of Brisbane, this outdoor entertaining area was in much need of sun protection and shading to be able to utilise the area during the daytime when the western sun blasts directly onto the large patio.

Three large Helioscreen Full Cassette Folding Arm Awnings were installed, with widths approx 6 mtrs and projection 3.5 mtrs, all operable from one 4 channel Somfy remote. Owners can use all at the same time, or choose to shade one area only at a time if/when needed.

Each Awning has a crank operated Variovalance for additional shade protection when required.

The area is very exposed, so as an additional precaution, to protect the Awnings from sudden unpredictable winds, a Wind Sensor was also installed. . The end result looks fantastic!