Green Projects

belrose_smIn 2007 developer, Glenside Group completed Australia’s first environmentally sustainable strata office project. Nestled in the leafy bush on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Garigal uses many simple solutions to reduce energy consumption and increase occupant comfort.

One of the key energy saving features has been to install Helioscreen External Sunscreens Powered by Somfy. Although air-conditioning had been installed the building has been designed to take advantage of cross ventilation and natural light. This will reduce the reliance of the tenants on their air-conditioning systems to keep cool. The Glenside Group approached Helioscreen to ask for help in trying to find a sun control solution that allowed the entry of natural light as well as cross ventilation yet blocked out the heat of the harsh Australian sun.

Helioscreen listened to the needs of the Glenside Group and consulted with Somfy and offered the solution. Helioscreen’s External Sunscreens powered by Somfy’s motors were offered as the perfect solution. These external blinds were mounted on the outside edge of the balconies giving shade even with the windows and doors open to allow breezes in. The motorised sunscreens are all automated by Somfy Sun and Wind sensors, which react to the prevailing conditions giving maximum sun protection whilst helping to protect the screens from damage by strong winds.

With the building on a long east-west oriented site an intelligent sun control solution was paramount to reduce the energy consumption of the building. Helioscreen and Somfy were able to easily provide an automated solution that exceeded the design brief and operates flawlessly. Although the external sunscreens were a large component of the additional cost to make the building sustainable they have been a highly successful investment. It is estimated that strata owners will halve their energy usage compared to similar buildings in the area. The whole building should cut climate changing greenhouse gas emissions by over 415 tonnes per year.

belrose_sm2Heliogreen Helioscreen External Sunscreens are available with a number of different size and profile head-boxes. They can be supplied with either stainless steel wire guides or aluminium tracks and powder-coated to suit any facade. Maximum sizes depend on the fabric chosen, but it is generally up to 3.8 metres in width and 3.5 metres in drop. Automation systems available through Somfy cater for everything from a single RTS remote controlled motor right through to a complete façade management system controlling thousands of motors.

Helioscreen and Somfy, as industry leading partners, can tailor the perfect solution to meet your design requirements. Whether it is to design a six star green building, create a dynamic façade or add that unique touch, an automated Helioscreen sun control system powered by Somfy is the ideal solution.

Helioscreens products are recognised by both Eco-Specifier and the Green Building Council of Australia.