Helioscreen Motorised Internal Blinds Canberra

Helioscreen’s internal blinds range give our customers the ability to work with the most demanding of spaces with the option to span up to 5.4 mtrs on the largest of our systems. This is what sets us apart from the rest.. From sun screen fabric to decorative and full block out the depth of colour in our range is vast.

In this application the combination of the Helioscreen HM43 motorised blinds with the Helioscreen Hikari translucent light filtering fabric give a fantastic finish to the house. The large blinds are not only practical but also ascetically pleasing. The quality of the Helioscreen system ensures that the fabric performs as it should . This project also includes  internal sun sensors which work seamlessly with the motorisation.  The Pelmets were made and installed by the project manages.

Product: Helioscreen HM 43
Project Manager: Inside Story Canberra