Helioscreen Retractable Roof System for Ryde Shopping Centre

When the architectural design team looked at retractable coverage solutions for the recent changes to the 1st level shops at Top Ryde shopping centre Helioscreen awnings were the first option considered. After further investigation it was decided a cantilevered retractable roof system would be the preferred option to provide coverage to the new dining terrace due the systems 100% waterproof fabric and increased wind resistance.

As a part of the DA requirements noise suppression was a requirement due to the residential apartment tower above.

The final solution was a customised installation by local Helioscreen agents using All Seasons Trend series retractable roof systems integrated into custom steel outriggers. The fabric selected was from the Soundtex range which is a 100% waterproof insulated membrane offing sound reduction properties. A second pleated layer of perforated fabric was also used to line the underside of the systems creating a baffle in which noise is captured. The dual fabric layers are the perfect solution for the noise requirements that also adds an impressive look to the underside of the systems.

In total over 50m of the façade had Helioscreen retractable roof systems installed which now cover customers on the terrace of three new eateries.