Helioshade External Venetian Blinds HV 80S Victoria

This External Venetian Blind system provides optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control.

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments, the slats let in natural light and sunlight through whilst minimising uncomfortable hothouse effects and eliminating blinding glare.

The blinds consist of aluminium slats and high quality components. The external Venetian blinds can be installed during construction or retro fitted onto a building facade.

They can be raised, lowered and tilted and are suitable for a range of applications including installation on verandas and outdoor rooms even internal applications.

Helioshade External Venetian blinds offer a range of stylish 60/70/80/90mm curved and flat slats with baked enamel finish offering options such as rolled edges to provide extra stability/anti vibration.

This popular addition to the Helioscreen range, satisfies  the most ambitious design demands of modern architecture.