Motorised Roller Blinds Brisbane

The Kedron Wavell Services Club is one of Brisbane’s best and biggest leagues clubs. The recently built new dining area boasts tall, almost floor to ceiling feature windows that look fantastic, but meant patrons were wearing sunglasses  inside due to the severe glare! To stop the glare but allow the light to come in and accentuate the stunning architectural feature of these windows, we installed motorised Roller Blinds with headboxes into pre-built recesses. Several roller blinds were used so that each window had it’s own screen around the curved wall, each being 4mtr high and 2m drop. We used a HM80 110 system and Xscreen fabric in Black Cherry. The result looks great and with the convenience of a handy Somfy remote control, they can be raised or lowered when needed, to not only shade from the glare completely, but also to keep the entire room much cooler on hot sunny days.