Outdoor Blinds Winton QLD

The museum is located in Winton, far north QLD, in a very remote and rural area. It faces a wide, open landscape that bares the brunt of the harsh sun. To protect diners in the cafe area from the heat and glare of the sun, we installed a set of Helioscreen external motorised blinds. Due to structural requirements, the blinds were installed on an angle from the ceiling down to the pavers where they were fixed, with guide wires. XScreen ( Black Cherry ) fabric was used, which is very resilient to the harsh conditions, has great visibility (so they didn’t lose the incredible view), and provides much needed shade to keep the dining area cooler. Head-boxes protect the Roller Blinds/motor from external weather factors, a 4 channel remote control so they can easily operate one blind at a time or sync them all together as required, and a wind sensor is used to protect from the unexpected or sudden harsh outback winds.