Outdoor Fabrics

Exterior sunscreens are undoubtedly the most effective way of controlling sunlight. Sunscreens should not inhibit the advantages of glass – natural light, view and entry of solar energy in winter – but must avoid the creation of a greenhouse effect. The exterior Helioscreen controls the amount of sun radiation ie. before it reaches the window pane. The result is no dazzling light and no accumulation of heat indoors.

Helioscreen’s quality systems are enhanced by the specialist performance fabric, which controls the entry of light and warmth from the sun, without blocking the view from inside. Buildings with efficient sunscreens require less powerful cooling, air conditioning and heating installations. For air conditioning the savings can be as much as 40% per year. Cooling installations have to work at a lower rate, as the Exterior Helioscreen keeps out up to 90% of the sun’s heat.