Outdoor Screens Awnings & Venetians

For screens, awnings or retractable sunroofs, Helioscreen provides advanced, beautiful and practical solutions


External Screens

With a wide range of sun control systems to complement every building and facade, these technologically advanced external screens allow you to increase outdoor living areas. They provide protection from direct sunlight and absorb heat. Retractable external screens reduce air conditioning costs all year round. Available with multiple options including sun and wind sensors – external screens can be either motorised or hand cranked.
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The Helioshade® folding arm awning easily extends your outdoor living and entertaining areas up to a 4 metre projection and 8 metre width. Cleverly designed to withstand the harshest conditions, these awnings reduce the sun’s penetration and absorb heat. There is a variety of good-looking systems to choose from that provide long lasting trouble-free operation. For added convenience, folding arm awnings can be motorised and fully automated with sun and wind sensors.
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Retractable Sunroof

Varioscreen® retractable sunroof is Helioscreeen’s dynamic sun protection system that allows natural light through – whilst keeping out the blinding glare and hothouse effect from a multitude of modern architectural glass features such as large windows, glass roofs, skylights and verandas. Also available in non-transparent fabric, Varioscreen is available in widths up to 8 metres with a variety of modern options including integration with home automation systems plus sun and wind sensors.
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External fabrics

Exterior sunscreens are an effective way of controlling sunlight – however they shouldn’t inhibit natural light, views or solar energy during winter. Helioscreen’s durable sunscreen fabrics control the amount of sun radiation before it reaches the glass, eliminating dazzling light and reducing the accumulation of indoor heat.

Air conditioning running costs can be reduced by 40% as exterior Helioscreen systems keep out up to 90% of the sun’s energy.

The Helio range of fabrics provides essential solar protection whilst the Helioshade 100 is a special type of fabric that minimises light transmission.
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Self-Supporting Sunroof

Perfect for courtyards, decks and outdoor living areas, the Vario-Pergola self-supporting sunroof adds a new dimension to the Helioscreen range of external sun control solutions.

The new Vario-Pergolais suitable for a wide variety of applications and is more flexible than traditional conservatory or winter garden awning products. It can be installed using wall or ceiling brackets and doesn’t require a classical substructure, as it supports itself on 60x60mm square front posts.
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HV80 External Venetian

Design daylight with Helioshade® HV80. It’st he advanced external venetian blind system that provides optimal heat protection and unsurpassed light control. Perfect for domestic or working environments, the HV80 lets natural light and sunlight through whilst mini mising uncomfortable hot house effects and eliminating blinding glare.

The elegant louvres can be set to any position and allow room temperature and light level tobe perfectly matched to user requirements. When fully retracted HV80 provides acompletely un-obstructed view.
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Retractable Roof

The All Seasons range is the ideal retractable roof system for use in private homes, courtyards, restaurants and commercial applications where the user is seeking more than just protection from the sun. Folding away at the touch of the button the All Seasons retractable roof is designed to ensure the user can get the most out of their area by offering the flexibility of opening or closing the system to suit the weather conditions.
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