Outdoor Shading With Pivot Arm Blinds

The owners of this Brisbane heritage style home required a shading solution to tie into the unique design of this house. They wanted to utilise the front balcony / verandah more frequently however were unable to due to the intense heat in the summer months.

The requirement was for a modern solution with a heritage feel.

This was achieved with the Helioscreen external pivot arm blind system. The choice to use the 80-110 pivot system for this project was due to the style and colour options available. The ability to have any powdercoat colour enabled the owners to have 1 colour option for the head box and front bar and a second colour for the pivot arms. By doing this is makes the system disappear when not in use.

The choice of fabric was given some consideration not only in the colour but also the type. The owner settled on the Helio100 range of fabric which is a highly water resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic. This fabric provides100% protection from the harsh UV and heat. This particular fabric also offers a vast range of plain and stripe designs.

Overall the end result for the owners was a stylish product that provided them with the shading they required while blending into this heritage styled home.