Panel Glide

Panel Glide by Helioscreen, is a versatile multiple tracking blind system, which retains your outlook while filtering out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Light and easy to operate, flat panels of fabric simply slide across your window surface giving you complete access to views and doorways.

Panels can be either centre opening or simply stacked to the side and can be operated manually by using a cord or wand system.

Panel Glide is available in a stylish range of designer prints and colour ways in sun control fabrics including translucents, blockouts and sunscreens.

Blinds can be customised to fit any window space up to 6m wide and come with a 3 year quality and performance warranty.



  • 3 year warranty
  • Hand drawn, wand or cord control
  • Anodised or white tracks available to suit all interiors
  • Screen, translucent, blockout or exclusive designer print fabrics
  • Centre opening, stack to left or right applications
  • Up to 6m wide tracks
  • Easy interchangable panels to suit seasonal styles


As with many of our products we have a range of fabric collections to suit various needs. Below is a rough guide on how to best select a fabric for your individual needs. We recommend consulting with a Helioscreen Specialist before deciding on which fabric best suits your needs.


FabricFabric WidthCut on CrossWeldableApplicationFabric WarrantyCutting Method
Soho - Translucent2.3mNoNoInternal Only3 YearsUltrasonic
Soho - Blockout2.3mYesYesInternal Only3 YearsCrush Cut
Montana2.3mYesYesInternal Only3 YearsCrush Cut
Barcelona3.0mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsUltra Sonic
Barcelona Blockout2.5mNoYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Sityscreen 2.5mNoYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Auscreen 32.5mNoYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Screen 31003.1mNoYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Topscreen2.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Duoscreen2.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Manhattan3.0mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsUltra Sonic
Park Avenue3.0mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsUltra Sonic
Park Avenue BO3.0mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Sunpro Bloc2.8mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
I-Screen3.2mYesYesInternal 5 YearsCrush Cut
X-Screen3.2mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush Cut
Helio 861.77mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush Cut
Helio 932.7mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Absolute Screen2.4mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Absolute Platinum2.4mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Helio 32.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Greenscreen Metallic2.3mNoNoInternal Only5 Years Ultra SonicUltra Sonic
Greenscreen Steel2.3mNoNoInternal Only5 Years Ultra Sonic


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