Retractable Awning For Pool Shading Northbridge

This project in Northbridge in the North shore of Sydney had a requirement for some pool side shading ,.The Helioscreen Retractable Awning Cassette was chosen by the owners as the perfect addition to the back yard which gives them 100% UV protection. By using the solution dyed Helio 100 acrylic fabric from Helioscreen range it gives them further protection from the harsh summer heat.

With the robust nature of the Cassette and its unique Top fix brackets it is a seamless integration to the aesthetics of the house.

As With all Helioscreen products the choice of colour for the hardware of the system is from the Dulux full range of powdercoat options including the different coating options such as Duralloy and Duratec.

The choice to have 2 separate systems side by side gives the owners the option to have a user friendly space. Shading one section and having a sun drenched section for those who love it . This give them the ability to provide all options when entertaining.