Retractable Awnings Sydney Inner West

The North Annandale hotel is located just a few minutes off Parramatta Rd but is another world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Following a major renovation the NAH now boats one of Sydney’s inner west’s best watering holes offering an amazing kids play area alongside an open air alfresco terrace deck with views of the city skyline.

At design stage Helioscreen was contacted by the project team to work with the architect and provide design options for the new terrace deck area to offer shade and weather proofing. After reviewing a number of options the final design incorporated four Helioscreen retractable roof systems installed with custom trapezium shaped fabrics to allow the systems to be installed flat in keeping with the structural design elements.

The systems were fabricated by a unique trapezium CAD design of the fabric where each panel of the systems create a gutter to direct the water away from the middle alloying the systems to be installed completely flat. In addition the architect opted for a secondary under layer of decorative acrylic fabric which was selected from the Helioscreen Aura range. The mirco-perforated Aura fabric on the underside of the systems ad’s a level of noise protection for the surrounding residents while also keeping soft decorative element to the area when looking up.

A local institution, the NAH offers a warm family-friends atmosphere for the whole family. If you’re in the area be sure to drop in and enjoy the afternoon on the terrace deck.