Retractable Pergola Blackburn Victoria

Aunt Billie’s cafe is one of Blackburn’s favourite brunch spots and it’s easy to see why. It brings a slice of the inner city to suburban Blackburn.

Our local Helioscreen agent was called in to offer an outdoor seating / dining  solution to the café when it recently underwent renovations. The café knew many regular customers were staying away every winter when it was too cold and/or wet to comfortably sit outside. The cafe needed an product that would enclose the space and provide shelter, but have the ability to be opened up on clear sunny days.

The perfect option was the Helioscreen All Season high quality Retractable Roof system and the Helioscreen External Screens.

Designed to protect from the elements Helioscreen products can be customised to suit any need, offering a stunning outdoor area to be enjoyed by patrons under any conditions.

All systems are made to order with your selection of colours including PVC fabric and Dulux powder coating colours.

At the cafe they have installed a Helioscreen triple field retractable roof system and Helioscreen HC 80 110 External screens.