Retractable Roof Auckland

After looking for a year-round solution that would enable their deck to be used when it was hot and sunny or raining the owners of this waterside home came to conclusion that the system needed to be a retractable roof system to suit the varied Auckland weather.

Having a fixed solution didn’t offer the ability to let the sun stream in on those cooler winter days and using a simple shade awning meant they wouldn’t have protection in wet weather.

Once decided a Helioscreen retractable roof was the best option the architect looked at a range of ways to integrate the system into the area. Traditionally the system would be installed with a slope to the front to direct the water into the gutter but for this installation a flat set up was preferred keeping in line with the architectural features of the home. The fabric was custom designed and made by Helioscreen to a trapezium shape that pulls the fabric taut to drain the water off to one side that enables the frame to be completely flat.

Using a commercial grade powder coating finish from Dulux and high-grade membrane fabric the system is designed to last for many years to come and is well suited for this beautiful Auckland home.

The result is an area that can be protected from the rain, sun and wind but also can be opened at the touch of a button that’s to the integrated Somfy motor drive system.

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