Retractable Roof System Yarra Valley

Located in the picturesque town of Healesville, in the Yarra Valley less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD, Four Pillars Distillery is the perfect place to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a variety world-class gin away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The Distillery – opened in late 2015 – is housed in a former timber yard, the vibe of which the owners have kept to great effect, in combination with a typical industrial look on the interior that ties in the distillery atmosphere.

This industrial-wood feel is complimented by the three all-black All Seasons retractable roof systems installed in the outer dining area. The roof systems span a total of 13.5m (creating a total of 63.4 square meters of coverage), providing the client with the perfect outdoor dining area that can be used year-round. External Roller drop down HM 130 blinds were added across the front and sides to provide further protection from the elements, while the LED lighting through the systems (along with the 3.5m clearance height) prevents the solid black fabric of the roofs from making the space feel too enclosed.

Right on the bend to the main road of Healesville, you can’t miss Four Pillars – so stop in for a gin and tonic when you’re passing through!