Retractable Sunroof by Helioscreen

These two recently installed helioscreen Varioscreens in Canberra were the best solution to achieve the clients brief’. This is the perfect addition to the back yard for Shading that summer and winter sun, With the addition of the distance brackets to achieve a pitch on the system to assist the water resistance properties of the fabric. This striking helioscreen Varioscreen Retractable sun roof is a seamless integration to the aesthetic of the house. The system utilizes the highly water resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic Helio 100 fabric which provides protection from the harsh UV and heat. As well as  stylish pattern and seamless blend of colour into the surroundings.

Product                        helioscreen Varioscreen with distance brackets

3327mm wide by 3500mm Projection

3324mm wide by 3500mm Projection

Fabric                         highly water resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic Helio 100 fabric.

Control                        RTS Remote operation with RTS wind sensor
                                   4 channel remote for individual controls as well as group control.

Project Mangers       Tim Chadwick from Chadwick Design.