Roller Blinds

Helioscreen Roller Blinds screen the entry of natural light, protecting your furnishings from heat and sun radiation – allowing you to enjoy views and privacy from the inside.

Simple to use, Roller Blinds can be operated either manually using a stainless steel chain or automatically motorised by SOMFY. Blinds can even be linked so they can be operated using one chain, eliminating unwanted hanging chains – enhancing the clean lines of your window.

Roller Blinds come in an exclusive range of sun control fabrics including sunscreen, translucent, and blockout. You can also choose a ‘dual’ combination of fabrics and simply switch from translucent or screen to blockout, maintaining a comfortable home all year round. Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of colour ways to suit every interior, and are anti-static for easy cleaning. Roller Blinds can be customised to fit any window space up to 5.4m wide and come with quality and performance warranties.

Helioscreen’s Internal Roller Blinds have been developed by the world leader in exterior sunblinds. The Helioscreen Roller Blind guarantees optimal working and living comfort, as well as offering outstanding aesthetic qualities and all come with a 5 year warranty.



  • 5 year warranty
  • Blocks out up to 72% of suns heat
  • Chain or motorised operation
  • Individual or linked systems
  • Single or dual bracket systems
  • Spring assist option for easy lifting
  • Screen, translucent, blockout fabrics
  • 4 aluminium base bar styles in 7 colours and can be powdercoated to any Dulux colour
  • Up to 5.4m wide applications
  • Fascias and headboxes optional




As with many of our products we have a range of systems to suit various needs. Below is a rough guide on how to best select a system for your individual needs. We recommend consulting with a Helioscreen Specialist before deciding on which system best suits your needs. Click on the Product Name to learn more.


Internal Motorised Roller Blinds Max WidthApplicationLinkableWarranty
HM 432.8mStandard Internal – Small to Medium WidthsYes5 Years
HM SS 603.2mStandard Internal - Medium Widths - Med/Large DropsYes 5 years
HM 803.8mLarge InternalYes 5 years
HM 1004.4mExtremely LargeNo5 years
HM 1305.4mOversized Internal - Super Large Widths/DropsNo5 years



System nameMax WidthApplicationLinkableGear RatioWarranty
Silkrise 422.8mPremium Spring Assisted Chain Operated Roller Blind - Medium BlindsYes 1.6 to 15 Years
HCH 432.8mStandard Spring Assisted Chain Operated Roller Blind - Medium BlindsYes1 to 15 Years
METACO 53.0mPremium Spring Assisted Chain Operated Roller Blind - Medium BlindsYes1:37 Years
MT6003.4mStandard Spring Assisted Chain Operated Roller Blind - Large BlindsYes1 to 15 Years
METACO 84.4mPremium Spring Assisted Chain Operated Roller Blind - Extra Large BlindsYes1:77 Years


FabricFabric WidthCut on CrossWeldableApplicationFabric WarrantyCutting Method
Soho - Translucent2.5mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsUltrasonic
Soho - Blockout2.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Topscreen2.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Duoscreen2.5mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Park Avenue3.0mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsUltra Sonic
Park Avenue BO3.0mYesYesInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
X-Screen3.2mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush Cut
Helio 862.67mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush Cut
Helio 932.67mYesYesInternal/External5 YearsCrush Cut
Absolute Screen2.4mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut
Absolute Platinum2.4mNoNoInternal Only5 YearsCrush Cut

We recommend consulting with a Helioscreen Specialist before deciding on which fabric best suits your needs.