Varioscreen Motorised Retractable Roof Systems Installed at Sydney’s NIDA

sydney-nida1Jensen Young architects worked closely with Helioscreen Australia and New Zealand to install Varioscreen motorised retractable roof systems at the NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic art) in Sydney.

The Varioscreen motorised retractable roof systems were installed in the new alfresco performance area at Sydney’s NIDA centre to control light and glare during use.

In addition to six retractable roof systems installed several metres up, Helioscreen also supplied a number of motorised external blinds that drop from the perimeter and are attached to the floor and secured with a new torque tension motor system to provide a safe and trip-free area when the blinds are not in use.

Both the retractable roof systems and blinds are motorised and controlled automatically with a custom built panel that communicates with the motors and sensors.