5 Ways to Automate Your Home

Not so long ago, home automation was considered the stuff of science fiction — a paradigm so far into the future that it could be imagined, but no-one would dare to believe it may become a reality. However, in the last few years, advances in home automation have been made that would leave former generations with their jaws on the floor. In this article, we’ll look at five of the most common ways to automate your home, from heating, ventilation and air conditioning control to retractable awnings.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control (HVAC) is one of the most important aspects in any home — after all, this is the technology that controls temperature, and temperature is key to comfort. While, once upon a time, air conditioning involved pressing buttons on a large unit embedded in a wall or window, these days air conditioning can be entirely automated. This may involve a system with a reversing valve that can switch from cooling in summer to heating in winter, or even an internet-controlled thermostat that can allow the home temperature to be controlled remotely.

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6 Things to Remember When Entertaining Guests

When hosting an event at your home, there is a lot to keep in mind. Whether buying food and drinks in the lead-up or ensuring everyone has a great time on the day, you’re undoubtedly going to have your hands full. In this article, we’ll run you through a few things to keep in mind whenever entertaining guests, from food preparation to creating a great entertainment area with retractable awnings.

1. Send invites

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure everybody knows about your event by sending out invitations. The traditional way to do this is with paper invites sent out in the mail, but these days it’s just as common to send the invite via text or email, or perhaps create a Facebook Event. Whatever the case, ensure people know when they need to RSVP by so you can have a good idea of how many people will be coming.

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Retractable Awning FAQ

There are many ways to add value and comfort to the outside of your home, but one of the best ways to achieve this is by installing a retractable awning. Here we take a closer look at retractable awnings with a few frequently asked questions, from what they are and how they work to the various parts that make them.

What is a retractable awning?

An awning is an overhanging covering attached to the outside wall of a building — sometimes residential, sometimes commercial. While traditional awnings have been set in place, it’s becoming increasingly popular for retractable awnings to be used. These types of awnings can be extended or retracted depending on the weather conditions; extend them for cover on scorching hot or rainy days, and retract them to soak up the weather when conditions are perfect.

What are the parts of a retractable awning?

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Top 4 Essential Sun Protection Tips

Everybody (well, except for vampires) enjoys soaking up the sun. Summer weather is great for hitting the beach, relaxing by the pool or simply kicking back on your porch with a good book. However, the sun can also be dangerous — vampire or not. Too much sun exposure leads to risks of premature ageing of the skin, painful sun burn and even potentially life-threatening skin cancer. From sunscreen to retractable awnings, in this article we’ll take a look at four ways to protect yourself from the sun, so you can enjoy the summer months without having to worry about your health.

1. Wear sunscreen

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4 Ways to Make Summer More Bearable

Here’s the thing about summer in Australia: it gets hot. Real hot. Uncomfortably, unpleasantly, and sometimes even unbearably… hot. Sure, we spend the entire winter loathing the moment we have to get out of our warm beds, making our way to work in frosty conditions, longing for the summer months. But when those months arrive, the long, sweaty days occasionally have us longing for winter again. Whatever the case, in this article we’ll take a look at four ways to make the Australian summer more bearable, from drinking plenty of water to installing a retractable awning.

1. Air conditioning

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Why You Need a Retractable Awning

Everyone has heard of the term ‘awning’, but for those who don’t know exactly what an awning is, it refers to an overhanging covering that is often attached to the outside wall of a residential or commercial building. Awnings are often constructed of polyester, acrylic or cotton canvas, though aluminium awnings are popular as well. Awnings can also be retractable; in fact, the retractable awning is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Here we will introduce you to the retractable awning and describe some of its benefits.

The benefits of awnings

Awnings have several benefits, foremost of which is their ability to protect us from the elements. If you’ve ever made your way down a busy street on a rainy day, you’ve probably been grateful for any buildings with awnings out the front – and you’ve probably cursed the name of the ones without! The same goes for the other extremes of weather; on incredibly hot days, awnings provide shade from the sun and act as a cooling structure.

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Top 3 Tips For Blinds, Awnings And Screens For Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, as building owners are well aware, come with a range of issues in terms of light management and external design situations. In most cases, a combination of internal and external features like roller blinds and sunroofs or retractable awnings is used as a basic layout, providing the design features as well as the functional effects.

Tip #1: What you need and where you need it – Planning

Design is all about planning and dealing with practical requirements, simultaneously. The most common uses for blinds, sunroofs and awnings are all related to specific lighting and environmental issues. Designers study the entire layout, and then formulate the combination of types of screen into a single design.

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The creative screens approach — Colour and textures

Screens, whether they’re interior or exterior, are always a good excuse for some presentation and personal style. Modern screens are typically a matter of strong preference, using colour and placement. Roller blinds and awnings are major visual features, and naturally people prefer to exercise some personal taste in their selection.

If you’re looking for something to match your own tastes, the good news is that the designers of screens and blinds have got the message. There’s a huge range of selections and all in the latest models and types of blinds.

The creative screens concept for homeowners

Everyone’s home is different. The lighting requirements, the facing of the home, and the personal tastes of the owners all work together to develop the screens ideas.
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Light Management Solutions

Light management in a country like Australia is often a tricky thing. Light management of the Australian sun can be the difference between dazzling glare and heat and freezing southerlies and gloom, so you need some options which will cover all seasons and situations. Roller blinds are one popular approach to the problem, along with special awnings, roman blinds and sun screens.

The issues in light management

The biggest problem is getting enough natural light while being able to deal with times of peak focus in a specific area. Home designs tend to focus more on the design options than the natural lighting of a location, and the modern trend to large amounts of glass and window space can be a mixed blessing.
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4 Reasons Why Retractable Awnings Are a Great Option

Awnings have a come a long way from the aluminium, striped variety that came attached to many homes from the 60s and 70s. Developments in mechanisms and materials mean that you can replace those old, rusted awnings or think about installing them where needed in your new home.

What makes a great retractable awning? Great retractable awnings should be affordable, provide energy savings, be easy to use, look great and be durable.
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