How to Protect Your Home by Thinking Like a Burglar

Sometimes, the best way to protect your home from burglars is to put yourself in their shoes. What are they looking for in a potential target? What type of homes will be easier to break into than others? In this article, we’re going to show you how to think like a burglar in order to keep your home as safe as possible from their ever-present threat, with suggestions ranging from installing roller blinds to forwarding phone calls.

1. Uh-oh… not an alarm system

Burglars want to go about their business with as little attention being drawn to them as possible. And nothing draws attention like an alarm system. Whether it’s a loud siren that is activated as soon as a door or window to your home is opened, or a complex video system that feed back to a control room whenever a motion sensor is activated, burglars will avoid homes where alarm systems are clearly present, Adding signage to the outside of your home warning that the area is alarmed is an excellent deterrent measure.

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A Home Security Checklist for Holidayers

You’re planning a holiday. Good on you — you deserve it! After working so hard throughout the year, it’s time to relax, unwind and enjoy life without the stresses. It’s all going to be for nothing, however, if you return feeling refreshed only to find that your home has been broken into while you’re away. The reality is, the extended period spent away from home that comes as a result of a holiday provides the perfect opportunity for criminals to break into your home and steal your valuables. Before you go away, draw your curtains or blinds and follow this home security holiday checklist to ensure you don’t become a victim.

Think about lighting

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5 Reasons Roller Blinds Are Office Necessities

When people need to spend their working days in an office, they want to feel comfortable. Those eight-hour (sometimes longer) days can be made hard to bear if a few basic human comforts aren’t provided. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of installing roller blinds in your office, highlighting the benefits they offer for making the office more comfortable for employees.

1. Keep the heat out

In the hot summer months,  not all offices can afford grade A air-conditioning systems. We couldn’t count the amount of offices we’ve worked in with air conditioning systems that just didn’t quite do the job; even worse is the fact that different employees like to have the office at different temperatures, making the fight for control of the air remote fiercer than the fight for the TV remote at home! Roller blinds provide a perfect answer to this; they do an incredible job of keeping the heat out, providing insulation to the office and helping to regulate temperature.

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Green screens — Eco friendly roller blinds

Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are a huge emerging market and the screens and blinds industry is well ahead of the trends. “Sustainable” isn’t really a buzzword, it’s an economic concept for industries, and the product life cycle studies inherent in sustainable product manufacturing have been producing benefits for businesses and consumers alike. Roller blinds, for example, are a case in point. These large blinds use up a lot of material, and better production through use of sustainable practices has paid off very well for the market.

Green in more ways than one

Eco friendly capabilities for blinds extend well beyond the fabrics themselves. Even synthetics are now being developed specifically to help energy management and cut pollution by reducing the demand on power for air conditioning and heating. Energy efficient blinds can save up to 40% on power usage.
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Versatile and elegant blinds — The interior designer’s perspective

If you’re an interior designer, you’ll be well aware of the possible pitfalls regarding choosing blinds. Quality is a very big issue. Types of materials, patterns, colors, textures and basic aesthetics are the fundamental issues, and a lot of blinds simply don’t measure up to standard. If you’re looking at roller blinds, or other obvious large visual areas, you want to see good working options.

The checklist for interior designers

The heart of interior design is good visual and aesthetic value. That makes selecting blinds a particularly demanding task in some cases. Homeowners usually find to their cost that low grade blinds not only can’t do the job, they’re also appalling in terms of choice of design and are simply tolerated, not liked as part of the décor. The result, inevitably, is a poor quality arrangement which inevitably needs to be replaced within a few years of installation.
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Design elements – blinds, glides and screens

The various different types of blinds, guides and screens are a study in design preferences and needs. Every space has its own design requirements and needs, and these very flexible types of design feature are the preferred, straightforward method of management for professional designers.
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Audio Visual blackout blinds – Where they’re essential

Audio visual blackout blinds are a true necessity in many areas. They provide the best lighting for audio visual events and are a common feature in the training industry for seminars using mixed media. They’re pretty much standard requirements in modern offices, where natural lighting is a common requirement, and the light has to be managed.
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Discreet and charming – Panel glides

Sliding panels were originally a Japanese architectural feature. They became so popular that they’re now standard throughout the world. (Even the universal “sliding door” is actually a version of a sliding panel.) That principle works very well with blinds, too. Designers love panel glides because they’re great space savers, and they can be very elegant blinds.
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Motorised blinds – Efficient and secure

Motorised blinds were once a novelty, a luxury item strictly at the top of the market. Demand has made them a household essential. These blinds have a lot of practical features that make them a good investment in the home and in business. They’re convenient, efficient, and very stylish. Motorised blinds are also the answer to a lot of problems, particularly for people with large areas to cover.

Motorised blinds basics

Motorised blinds are simple, efficient solutions for a range of purposes. They operate instantly to modify lighting. They’re intended to provide a full suite of light management options. The new remote controlled modern blinds are particularly good for dealing with interior lighting issues like sudden strong sunlight.
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Roller blinds – The right equipment for the right areas

Roller blinds have become a fixture of the design scene, interior and exterior. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they’re space savers, easy to install, operate and maintain, and can be used absolutely anywhere. Roller blinds are extremely useful for developing a stylized look with minimum design modifications and maximum efficiency.

Roller blinds- the option when you need one

Roller blinds are the solution for the really tough areas where you need durability, reliability and appearance. These are working parts of the building, and the need is for top quality blinds. A roller blind is as important as a door or a window, in terms of the work it does.
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