4 Ways to Make Summer More Bearable

Here’s the thing about summer in Australia: it gets hot. Real hot. Uncomfortably, unpleasantly, and sometimes even unbearably… hot. Sure, we spend the entire winter loathing the moment we have to get out of our warm beds, making our way to work in frosty conditions, longing for the summer months. But when those months arrive, the long, sweaty days occasionally have us longing for winter again. Whatever the case, in this article we’ll take a look at four ways to make the Australian summer more bearable, from drinking plenty of water to installing a retractable awning.

1. Air conditioning

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6 Benefits of Installing Awnings Around your Home

It can be easy to equate awnings with old school rusty contraptions that block the windows at Grandma’s old house. But since it’s humble beginnings the awning has undergone a dramatic transformation to ensure that its functionality doesn’t compromise on style or design features. From the retractable awning to the many different styles and materials, there are many different options and benefits of installing awnings around your home:

Materials and styles

Awnings come in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and textures which can either contrast with or compliment the colours of your home. You may want something that will stand out from the colours of your home and almost act as a feature. Or you may prefer something that blends in with your current colour scheme. Whatever look you want to create, the possibilities are endless.

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Turning your Courtyard into an Urban Oasis

Transforming your courtyard into an oasis requires some careful forward planning and a clever use of urban outdoor elements. Here, we’ve got some great ideas for transforming your courtyard into a great place for enjoying your morning coffee and entertaining guests in the summer. From tips on selecting the right external shading such as a retractable awning, to choosing a colour scheme that will compliment your home’s interior, we’ve got a great range of tips for transforming your courtyard into an urban oasis:

Plan ahead

Like any room in the house, your outdoor space requires careful planning to ensure the end result looks good. Think about the colours you have in your home and think about extending that theme outwards. Stepping out into your courtyard should be like stepping out into an extension of your living space or wherever the courtyard runs off from.

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How to Turn your Bedroom into a Haven

Your bedroom should be your haven. After all, everyone spends a great deal of their lives in this room even if it is only used by some for sleeping and getting dressed in the morning. Here, we’ve listed some great tips for turning your bedroom into your own private oasis. From roller blinds that will give your bedroom that contemporary edge to minimising clutter and unwanted items, our tips will help you transform your bedroom, fast:

Clutter be gone

Like any room in your home, your bedroom needs to be free of clutter. Too much clutter and the room will feel chaotic and the idea of your bedroom being your haven is out the window. Get rid of anything that is not needed and put into storage or donate to charity. This also goes for things like clothing, cd’s and other things that might be laying around.

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5 Tips for Transforming your Living Space

Everyone’s living space needs a little revamping every now and then. It’s just a matter of knowing where to start and how to go about it. Here, we’ve listed some great, simple tricks for transforming your living space almost instantly. From installing contemporary roller blinds to adding a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got some ideas that will help you transform the most lived in room in your home in no time:

Colour is key

The colour of the walls in a room is one of the most important elements that will influence the look and feel of the space. You don’t want to over-do it with too much colour, or by putting too many different colours together. Stick to a theme that you’re happy with and limit your colour usage to that palette. For instance you may want to use cool colours to create a calming effect in the room. Choose your colours carefully as they will have a dramatic impact on the room.

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4 Ways to Add Shade to Your Home

You may have noticed it gets kind of hot in Australia. Alright, not “kind of” hot – let’s just say “hot”. Actually, wait, scratch that – not just “hot” – extremely hot. Yep. It gets extremely hot in Australia. In fact, we spend the entire duration of winter’s cold months waiting for the warmth of summer to arrive, only to find ourselves a sweaty mess longing for the cool months once again when it does. Whoever first said “We want what we can’t have” sure hit the nail on the head. Anyway, this is one of the biggest reasons Australian homes need shade. Glorious, glorious shade. Here we look at four of the best ways to add shade to your home, from the classic Aussie patio to the modern and innovative retractable awning .

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The Beaufort Wind Scale and Retractable Awnings

An awning is a brilliant addition to the exterior of any home. It has the ability to protect homeowners from the elements while also offering the versatility to be removed when the elements are favourable. In this sense, it offers something a fixed awning, canopy, patio, pergola or any other type of fixed structure cannot. However, a retractable awning is made of fabric, and because of this the question of durability is incredibly important. In particular, in the high-wind conditions so often seen in the Australian winter, awnings must be capable of handling extreme winds. For this reason, you’ll want a retractable awning that reaches at least 6 on the Beaufort Wind Scale, which we will introduce you to below.

What is the Beaufort Wind Scale?

The Beaufort scale is a measure of wind speed. It is split into 13 categories from 0-12:

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What to Look For in Roller Blinds

A good set of roller blinds can be an indispensable addition to any home. But before you go out and choose a set of roller blinds for your windows, it pays to understand what you should look for. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what makes a good set of roller blinds. We’ll also outline the various benefits of roller blinds to help you decide whether they’re right for you.

What is a roller blind?

First of all, let’s define exactly what a roller blind is. Basically, a roller blind is a single piece of fabric which covers your windows and which can be raised or lowered depending on your preferences at the time. Most blinds are made of several pieces of either vertical or horizontal fabric which can be controlled using a manual rope or chain. Roller blinds are always made of single fabric and they can be opened or closed using the chain, which is connected to a ‘roller’ at the top of the window. Some roller blinds can be motorised as well for extra control.

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Why You Need a Retractable Awning

Everyone has heard of the term ‘awning’, but for those who don’t know exactly what an awning is, it refers to an overhanging covering that is often attached to the outside wall of a residential or commercial building. Awnings are often constructed of polyester, acrylic or cotton canvas, though aluminium awnings are popular as well. Awnings can also be retractable; in fact, the retractable awning is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Here we will introduce you to the retractable awning and describe some of its benefits.

The benefits of awnings

Awnings have several benefits, foremost of which is their ability to protect us from the elements. If you’ve ever made your way down a busy street on a rainy day, you’ve probably been grateful for any buildings with awnings out the front – and you’ve probably cursed the name of the ones without! The same goes for the other extremes of weather; on incredibly hot days, awnings provide shade from the sun and act as a cooling structure.

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The Benefits of Motorised Blinds and Awnings

Motorised blinds are revolutionising the way we look at light management, and far from being a gimmick that provides more novelty value than anything else, the technology allows blinds to last longer, stronger and better, as well as creating quite a few options for the eco-conscious family. Whether you want roller blinds without the unsightly cords (that somehow always manage to get tangled!) or a sophisticated solution for your outdoor awnings and sun shades, motorised blinds provide a whole host of benefits and long-term money-saving solutions.
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