All About Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are used in external situations where climate, sun and the local environment require them. They’re also extremely useful designer features for commercial buildings. A retractable awning can be motorized and controlled by a switch or remotely controlled.

Retractable awnings basic roles and functions

Retractable awnings are rapidly becoming a feature of many 5 star resorts and upmarket commercial premises like shopping malls. They allow use of external space and provide a great designer environment for customers and for the workplace.

Retractable awnings are usually either built in at the construction stage or part of a makeover of older buildings in need of an upgrade to modern standards. They’re also “character pieces” for the building, providing a visual identity. This can be crucial in a crowded, competitive business environment, where visual presence is important to sales.

Interestingly, another common function is less predictable, but always useful- Retractable awnings provide shelter around the business, and tend to attract customers for that reason. [Read more…]

The creative screens approach — Colour and textures

Screens, whether they’re interior or exterior, are always a good excuse for some presentation and personal style. Modern screens are typically a matter of strong preference, using colour and placement. Roller blinds and awnings are major visual features, and naturally people prefer to exercise some personal taste in their selection.

If you’re looking for something to match your own tastes, the good news is that the designers of screens and blinds have got the message. There’s a huge range of selections and all in the latest models and types of blinds.

The creative screens concept for homeowners

Everyone’s home is different. The lighting requirements, the facing of the home, and the personal tastes of the owners all work together to develop the screens ideas.
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Light Management Solutions

Light management in a country like Australia is often a tricky thing. Light management of the Australian sun can be the difference between dazzling glare and heat and freezing southerlies and gloom, so you need some options which will cover all seasons and situations. Roller blinds are one popular approach to the problem, along with special awnings, roman blinds and sun screens.

The issues in light management

The biggest problem is getting enough natural light while being able to deal with times of peak focus in a specific area. Home designs tend to focus more on the design options than the natural lighting of a location, and the modern trend to large amounts of glass and window space can be a mixed blessing.
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4 Reasons Why Retractable Awnings Are a Great Option

Awnings have a come a long way from the aluminium, striped variety that came attached to many homes from the 60s and 70s. Developments in mechanisms and materials mean that you can replace those old, rusted awnings or think about installing them where needed in your new home.

What makes a great retractable awning? Great retractable awnings should be affordable, provide energy savings, be easy to use, look great and be durable.
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