Texyloop Recycling

Texyloop-Logo_box-symbol_V3Helioscreen is proud to take the green step forward to be the first Texyloop recycling manufacturer in Australia. It represents an important step forward for us a leader in the market and also for the environment.


Growing awareness of environmental issues and ever increasing demands placed upon natural resources have led Serge Ferrari® to invest significant research and development programs to find responsible methods for the recycling of PVC composite materials. Serge Ferrari® developed the Texyloop® recycling process, which is a world first for the successful separation of the PVC and polyester components.

Serge Ferrari® now utilise the PVC granules that result from the Texyloop® process in the production of new architectural and furniture textiles, helping to reduce the demand for raw materials in their manufacturing processes.


  • the recycled polyester fibres are suitable for many applications such as heat and sound insulation
  • the flexible PVC granules are perfectly regular and homogeneous
  • allows the 100 % re-use of recycled materials in existing industrial processes

Helioscreen fabrics that will be recycled using this technology are the Helio 86, and Helio 93 external sunscreen ranges. Along with this recycling initiative Helioscreen offer many other eco friendly fabrics such as Absolute Screen, Absolute Platinum & Manhattan ranges.