Wind and Sun Sensors

somfyWind Sensor

The Wind Sensor provides protection for your external blinds and awnings by automatically retracting them whenever strong winds are detected. Highly recommended for all external blinds and awnings the Wind Sensor offers constant protection – even when you are not home. Available in wired or RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) Versions.


Sun and Wind Sensor

Your external blinds and awnings react automatically to the weather. As soon as the sun comes out, it extends out automatically, and your patio and rooms are shaded and remain cool. Maximum convenience! Also, if strong winds threaten, your awning retracts automatically.

Sun Sensor (RTS Only)

To be used with RTS internal and external blinds. The Sun Sensor is solar powered and has no need for wires or to replace batteries. Once the sun is above the sensitivity level the blinds or awnings will be sent down, then at the end of the day when the sun has gone away the blinds or awnings will retract. Now that’s convenient.

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